About Kew Care Group

The Kew Care Group is operated by Josie Dalli, and the homes are spread from West Sussex, through Guildford, to Bristol and Gloucester. Josie Dalli is a physiotherapist with a long standing special interest in elderly care and rehabilitation. She has been involved in owning and operating care homes for many years.

Josie Dalli with Des Lynam when he opened the new wing at Green Willow in 2008

The staff team at Kew Care Group homes and in the management teams are highly valued through continuous professional development and regular supervision and appraisal, and also through ongoing involvement in all aspects of life at the homes, particularly the fun events and celebrations. They form the core of the wonderfully high levels of care and service provided twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Their skill and care ensures that there is the warmest welcome to any resident, guest or visitor and the upmost respect and commitment to provide a safe and loving environment.

The size of the group allows real attention to detail in each home to provide our person centred services which are designed to meet the diversity of need and preference. By operating the five homes as a group there comes the superb bonus of sharing between the sister homes. There is access to a wealth of shared experience and skills between the homes allowing us to keep up to date with new developments in all relevant arenas, to compare new strategies in action in different homes, and to learn, grow and evolve together to provide the very best service.

For help or assistance with your care requirements please email enquiries@kewcaregroup.co.uk