Nursing Care Services & Homes

Nursing care can be the option for those who need the additional support of a Trained Nurse 24 Hours a day. Links with local health professionals are very strong in a Nursing Home and this is the case at Westbourne Nursing Home (Gloucester), where we care for our most frail clients.  Our person centred, Nurse led Nursing Home care is enthusiastic about providing the highest quality service.

Accommodation and every day services like cleaning and laundry are all provided along with home cooked meal choices and any care you may need.

All our services are based on four elements which form the core of the standards which we set for you and for ourselves:

  • Your personalised room – you will bring your own things with you to your lovely room and can help us plan the layout and often decoration.
  • Your interests and social life – what do you enjoy doing and how can we make the routines of daily living work for you with new things to try if you want to. We look forward to welcoming your family and friends to the home at any time.
  • Your meals – we will find out what you like and don’t and any special diets or needs that must be considered for you to have a home cooked appetising and varied menu eaten where you would like to eat, at a time to suit you.
  • Your care and support needs – in liaison with you, your family and your doctor we will carefully develop a personal care plan to describe how best to meet your needs.

Residents in a Nursing Home have been assessed as needing the Health funding contribution monthly or can be funded through the Continuing Care process. If you need any further information on this, please do call one of our Nursing Homes and our Manager or Administrator can talk to you further about the funding system for Nursing Care.

Kew Care Group also offer the following types of care for the elderly;

For help or assistance with your nursing care requirements please email or call Westbourne Nursing Home