Nursing & Residential Care Homes in Bristol, West Sussex, Hampshire & Gloucester

Kew Care Group is a group of five quality care homes in Bristol, West Sussex, Hampshire and Gloucester. Our residential care and nursing care homes strive to provide the best possible care standards with a genuinely warm and open atmosphere. When combined with exceptional food and hotel service standards and a great range of events and activities there is a real feeling of home.

The relaxed nature of the Kew Care Group care homes allows you to develop your own social fabric with old and new friends, doing as much or as little as you please. Each of our care homes has a full program of events and activities to provide an enriching and stimulating environment for our residents and guests, and the staff team aim to provide activities and facilities that keep everyone active and entertained. As with everything at a Kew Care Group Home, the choice is yours - from flower arranging and baking, through gardening, exercise sessions and reminiscence groups, to wine tasting, trips and using the internet. Or, of course, the pleasure of enjoying the peace and quiet of your own calmly decorated room, which can have as many of your own things in it as you would like to bring with you.

The Kew Care Group is particularly focused on service users always being actively involved in quality feedback and continuous improvement strategies, through questionnaires, forums, management clinics and informal everyday communication, from residents, families, friends and staff to health professionals, inspectors, social services and the local community.

For help or assistance with your residential care or nursing care requirements please email