Residential Care Services & Homes

residential care servicesKew Care Group homes focus on elderly people who are no longer able to cope in their own home or would like the increased security provided by a 24 hour care team with the bonus of activities and a small friendly community.  Residential care involves caring for those who need a little extra help whilst supporting their independence and choices. Needs and preferences are thoroughly assessed prior to coming into the home. We then work with the resident and relatives to develop and tailor a Plan of Care for everyday life at the home. This Care Plan is constantly monitored and reviewed to make sure that it is current and that our staff team provide the personalised care necessary for each clients varied needs. The Manor Cottage and Cleeve Lodge, both in Bristol, and Green Willow, in West Sussex, are all Residential Care Homes.

Residential home funding can be private, or through social services (which is always means tested), often with a fee top up. Please do not hesitate to call one of our homes to speak to a Manager or Administrator about funding options.

Kew Care Group also offer the following types of care for the elderly;

For help or assistance with your residential care requirements please email