Last weeks white winter

Posted 6 March by Kara Morally

Was the snow all a dream? Last week's weather temperature was below zero and most of the country was covered in snow and freezing! We were all wrapped in our winter gear ready to brace the cold snow boots, gloves, scarves, padded coats on you name it and that was if we could even leave the house to make it into work or wherever it was we need to be. Weather forecast and the news advised people not to leave the house unless absolutely necessary, We have such a great team of carers at Kew Care Group, a big thank you to all the staff that battled through the snow to get into work. You really go above and beyond for our home. Very proud to work with a fabulous team.

"That's why they are called " carers!" They really do care! Well done all."-  Relative of KCG

Irene one of our residents at Westbourne Nursing Home said she wished she was able to get outside and have a snowball fight, her wish was our command! It made the staff happy to see Irene so happy and enjoying herself. Irene said she never laughed so much and enjoyed getting Ali the cook with a snowball!