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Wish you were here.

Two lucky residents, Julia and Pauline, from our Manor Cottage home went on a winter break to Crested Hideaways, an adapted bungalow in Weston Super Mare. Upon arrival, the ladies decided to have a relaxed evening with pizza and the hilarious sitcom, Miranda. They stayed up past midnight, enjoying their glass of wine with lots of laughs and giggles.

The next day was their only full day there, and it started with the ladies making bacon sandwiches with Lisa and Ashley, the two carers who accompanied them. Staff member Karly and Rayna, the manager, arrived around 9:30 am for a full day of fun. Even though the weather was cold and wet, it didn't dampen their spirits.

Their first stop was the Weston Museum, which had wonderful exhibits on local history and seaside holidays. They also got to see the Dismaland Pinwheel by Banksy and walked over to the Grand Pier after buying some umbrellas. The ladies played some ball games and tried to win teddies, but were unsuccessful. They then headed to a local pub for lunch, as there were no fish and chip shops open. After lunch, they went shopping, where Julia bought herself a jumper, and Pauline bought a new handbag and some old-fashioned sweets. Once they returned to the bungalow, they had a cup of tea to warm up. The ladies had a pamper evening to unwind on their last night, using face masks. They described it as a perfect night before retiring to bed at midnight.

The Kew Care Group is thrilled that the trip was a success and looks forward to creating more memories like these with our residents in the future. We will be back again.