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Cuddles All Round

Manor Cottage and Cleeve Lodge Residential, located in Bristol, received eggs in an incubator during the Easter holidays. However, it was not the chocolate kind! This year, Manor Cottage in Frenchay received duck eggs, which was quite fitting as the residents are fond of the ducks that live close by. They regularly visit the ducks by the duck pond, and the ducks seem to be fond of them too as they have even visited the residents. Cleeve Lodge Residents in Downend received chicken eggs, and both homes eagerly awaited the arrival of their feathered friends.


The wait was not too long, and as the residents sat watching the incubators, the chicks and ducklings made their debut, which thrilled the residents. Both Cleeve Lodge and Manor Cottage invited the community to come in and visit the birds and enjoy many hugs with the cute chicks and ducklings. Cleeve Lodge held a competition called 'Name that Chick,' and the residents chose a name at random for each chick. A member of staff has adopted the chicks, and both sets of birds received a lot of cuddles and attention.