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Coronavirus Update: We are shielding our residents to keep them safe, loved and cared for. This means that we can only have visitors to the garden at the moment. We are running these garden visits by appointment so give us a call. We are also still using video calling to help families keep in touch. We are taking new residents and have a thorough risk assessment and procedure for this. Viewings can take place from the garden and by video call. Please get in touch, we are enjoying welcoming new residents to our community.

Cocooning our Residents

We may not be able to have our usual events and activities at the moment with the fast evolving Covid-19 situation, but we are finding ways around this! Yesterday at Green Willow we put our iPad to good use and had our weekly meet up with the local school children via Skype instead. Recommendations for care homes remain vague but we have decided to cocoon our wonderful residents by minimising contact from outside the homes as far as possible. We are cancelling non urgent visits to the home and out of it and families are limited visiting too. We have plenty of stocks and lots to keep us busy as the uncertainty settles.