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Engaging with Dementia Sufferers - Family Training Session

On Saturday at Manor Cottage we held a new training session for families and friends of residents as well as our staff team. It was entitled 'Meaningful Engagement and better relationships for people with Dementia' and it was brilliantly run by Alive Activities whose slogan is 'Lighting up later life'. We are so pleased to have been able to offer some help to the families and friends of our residents to help interaction with their loved ones long term as their health and communication become frailer. The families who attended loved the session and learned some useful tips. They also shared how much impact Manor Cottage has on their relative and therefore on them. 

As care professionals, we were excited to be able to share our vision of inclusive person-centred service. The photo shows the key areas of psychological need that all humans have. If any of these are missing then there is a faster deterioration, more boredom and disengagement and the social isolation and depression that come with it. We focus on minimising the impact of dementia and failing health on all of these things so that our residents live their best life. Our full feedback notice board shows how much our work affects residents, families and the staff themselves. Come and see it for yourself.