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Ready, Steady, Go!

The staff at Green Willow arranged a sports day, and everyone was eager to participate in some friendly competition. The Cheetahs, led by Christine, and the Jaguars, headed by Josh, were two of the teams taking part. They competed in a range of races and games, and each team gave it their all. The excitement was contagious throughout the event.
In the end, the cheetahs emerged victorious, winning the gold cup after winning the football dribble, egg and spoon race, and the sack race. The Jaguars secured the second position, winning the three-legged race and relay. It was a closely contested event, and all the teams displayed great sportsmanship.
The event was filled with laughter and camaraderie, as the staff members cheered on their teams. Orange slices and iced tea were served, adding to the festive atmosphere. The staff members who participated deserve special recognition for making it a memorable day.
Overall, the staff sports day at Green Willow was a fantastic event that allowed the staff members to bond and enjoy some healthy competition. We thank everyone who participated and made it a success.