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International Flower Day

January 19th is international flower day, we absolutely love flowers here at Kew Care Group and are very fortunate to plant and grow our own flowers in the gardens. We are also grateful to our local communities and the flower donations that we receive.

The residents enjoy flower arranging and the bouquets certainly add an even extra special feel to the homes. The residents at Westbourne Care Home, have been busy naming flowers, answering quiz questions and doing flower crosswords. We loved reminiscing about making Snapdragons ‘snap’.

International Flower Day promotes the connection that people share with each other and to show love and appreciation towards friends, family and even strangers, expressed through the gift of flowers. It all began in Tasmania, January 2013 when a father and daughter (Rohan and Brooke Levy) were strolling through a market in Hobart and were stopped by a complete stranger who gave them a bunch of flowers. 

This act of kindness took them completely by surprise and they, in turn, spent the rest of the day giving flowers to more than 280 complete strangers! When people asked why they were giving flowers away, Rohan on the spur of the moment said it was National Flower Day, having just made it up. This was the birth of a project for them and International Flower Day has continued ever since.

So for those you who have given someone a bouquet of flowers (or even better received one), you will know just how magical it can be and just how much it can matter.