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Celebrating the Coronation

Kew Care Group's 4 Care Homes in Bristol, West Sussex and Gloucester are always eager to celebrate important milestones and events, and they decked out their homes with bunting and brought out their best china to celebrate King Charles III's coronation, while also watching it live.

The decorations and celebrations evoked memories of his mother's Coronation in 1953, with street parties and plenty of cake from a bygone era. Some residents of Green Willow home were featured in an ITV News report entitled "People reflect on late Queen Elizabeth's coronation as King Charles crowned." Joy Aldridge remembers actually being at the coronation. She said: "I was almost as near as you can to the carriage. I was in the mall and found a lovely spot. You had to stand really close together but it was fantastic to be there." There was dancing and singing from the golden era, afternoon tea, and even a visit from King Charles III himself - as a life-size art display graced the entrance to the home.