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Managing Director's Message to Staff

Dear Incredible Kew Care Group Staff,

These are not just houses or businesses, these are true family homes run by the best teams I know. Every single part of the team is vital - however good the food is, we need a spotless dining room to make a great meal. For amazing End of Life care, we need the fresh sheets, equipment maintenance and meds as well as the care itself. And however much we want to spend all our time doing the fun resident stuff, the paperwork and issues need dealing with, in the background. So whatever your role, whether it is housekeeping, laundry, kitchen, maintenance, activities, management and of course care, you are all vital. Every single one of you plays your part in the wonderful service that each Kew Care Group Home provides to its residents and their families and friends. You hang in there when it’s tough and you keep working and learning and improving. You are awesome, please don’t forget the impact that you make. Here are a few of my favourite photos from the year.

 Thank you for another brilliant year, here’s to a great 2020.

Best wishes