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Manor Cottage Intergenerational activities

Intergenerational relationships bring immense value to both young and old, we had little Masie join us, and take part in some games and card-making. Resident Dorothy was teaching Masie how to knit. Research shows that there are significant health benefits of socialization, and not surprisingly, research is also showing that there are substantial health benefits to intergenerational interaction – for both the old and young alike. 

Here are just a few of the many benefits you can receive from intergenerational relationships:

  • Children who spend time with older adults growing up have a better outlook on ageing and are less ageist
  • Reduced feelings of isolation and loneliness in older adults
  • It provides a perfect opportunity for young and old to learn new skills, especially communication and technology skills, from one another
  • It builds a stronger community
  • It gives older adults a sense of purpose and helps younger generations have great respect for and value older adults
  • It helps keep stories and history alive within families and the greater community