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Meet the Activity Coordinator

of Manor Cottage Residential Home

We caught up with Shannay, the activity coordinator at Manor Cottage Residential Home, to learn more about her role and how she supports residents in living life to the fullest. 



   How did you start working in social care?

From age 15, I have been in various healthcare settings, from care homes, hospitals and the community. I’m a caring person and love talking to people. 
I originally started as a Domiciliary working in south Gloucestershire. Unfortunately, I did not think that role was for me long term.
In December 2023 I applied for the activity coordinator role at Manor Cottage. I knew this Job role would suit me as I enjoy making people happy.  

 What does the role of an activity coordinator entail?

Being an activity coordinator includes carrying out stimulating activities. Activities that positively impact their overall wellness. For example, our walking club positively affects our resident's mental and physical development. 

How do you tailor activities to meet resident's needs?

I spend time talking to all the residents and getting to know them. Bingo and quizzes are a good hit. When trying out new activities I explain to the residents how to join in before carrying it out. 

What do you love about your role?

I enjoy encouraging residents who prefer to be in their own company to participate in activities, witnessing their enjoyment, and building strong relationships with residents and their families.

What do you do in your spare time?

 In my spare time, I go to the gym. I go to the gym 4 times a week lifting weights (I don’t look like it but I can lift 85kg and squat 110kg! (When it comes to holding the shopping I struggle!)