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Mental Health Awareness Week - theme of Kindness

Mental Health Awareness week is particularly relevant at the moment with all of us impacted by the stresses and strains of our new normal in lockdown. We think that the theme of Kindness is perfect - people are demonstrating kindness all over the world and nowhere more important than front line healthcare staff. Our staff teams help to support our residents in their physical and mental health needs by offering a listening ear and gentle, dignified care. But who supports our staff? We do - by listening, offering practical as well as emotional support. Every staff member has a Wellness Action Plan that they have worked on with the Management team so that we know what might be a trigger for them and what to look out for. It might be that they need a chat, or that chatting is the last thing they want to do and they just need a day off - it is different for everybody and this really helps us to offer mental health first aid to our staff that suits them. At the moment, friends and family cannot provide the usual emotional support in person but we are using the phone, face time, Skype and letters. And we are encouraging residents and staff to use the natural world outside to help them through this difficult time. 

There are more support networks than ever before so if you need help or know someone who does, help them find the right help.