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Personalisation means a lot in every care home and we make it our priority for all our residents. A key part of making someone feel at home is recognising them as a person and what they like, want, choose and prefer. We look at it for everything that happens in day to day life in our highly person centred care plans - think about what we would need to know about you? Do you prefer a bath or a shower, milky or strong tea, an early start or a lie in? And what equipment might help you? 

We can't show you photos of those things but here are some of our personalised walking aids which the Residents worked on with staff so that it was easy for them to see which was theirs, and gave them a lovely reminder of what they like best! You will also see photos of Residents painting and decorating initials and name plates to go on their doors. It is their home and their room and they decorate it as they want to.