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Residents favourite recipes at Westbourne

Salmon fishcakes are always a favourite and at Westbourne our Residents reminisced about their best recipes and made their own. Our tried and tested version is a good one - give it a try. 


2kg mashed potatoes
800g poached or grilled salmon
1 chopped spring onion
chopped parsley
lemon juice and salt and pepper
1 egg
100g flour

1. Prepare the mashed potato with butter and milk.
2. Poach or grill the salmon (5 minutes on each side if grilled), remove skin and break into chunks.
3. Stir the fish into the mashed potato.
4. Add the parsley and spring onion and stir again.
5. Season with a splash of lemon juice and salt and pepper and give it a final stir taking care not to break up the chunks of fish too much.
6. Tip the flour onto a plate and beat the egg in a shallow bowl.
7. Shape the fishcake mix into balls, coat in flour and then flatten into fishcake shapes.
8. Coat the floured fishcakes in the egg and then cover with flour again. Repeat for all fishcakes. Refrigerate until needed.
9. Fry for 3 minutes each side until golden brown.