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The Swiss Cheese model of virus protection

It can be difficult to see how the various layers of Coronavirus protection work together to give us and our Residents as much peace of mind as possible. Masks, testing, hand washing, cleaning, social distancing, and vaccinations each bring an element of safety but none of them can ever be 100% effective on their own. By combining all of them and making sure that Staff and visitors are careful even when they are busy, we ensure that we are as safe as we can be. 
The image shows this as the Swiss Cheese Theory of protection – if we add the regular testing, cleaning, and full PPE to the labels then it fits well with the fight against Coronavirus in care homes. Each cheese slice has a hole in protection where it is not perfect or 100% in preventing virus transmission. If we make sure that there are as many layers of protection as possible and that the holes are kept small, then we are doing our very best for our Residents and Staff teams and families, and friends.