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Taste of the Caribbean

There is no doubt that food is an integral part of any culture, and Jamaica is no different. Westbourne care home residents had the opportunity to experience some Jamaican cuisine during their Jamaica Day-themed activity.

There is a popular Jamaican dish called curry goat, which consists of goat and spices and is usually eaten with rice and peas. Also on offer was Ackee & saltfish with fried dumplings.

In addition to the food, a traditional Jamaican drink to try was the creamy Guinness punch. Other beverages like ginger beer, cream soda and tropical soda were also offered.

The sound of Jamaica is just as influential as its food and drink. Residents enjoyed listening to steelpan music provided by JB Steelpan Music, a traditional Caribbean instrument. Steelpan music is associated with the island and has a unique, calming effect on those who hear it. However, there were some who were up on their feet for a boogie. Everyone had a go at the steelpan and loved it

Overall, it was a great way for residents to experience a slice of the Caribbean in the comfort of their own home and they loved it!