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Technology in Care Homes

Technology can offer so much to today's world and even in a hands-on care environment like our care homes, technology can be really useful and interesting. Technology helps us with call bell systems, fire alarm systems and our communications. We use computers and have a home iPad so that residents can face time friends and relatives who live a long way away. Some of our residents have their own ipads or laptops. We have a brilliant electronic medication system - this uses bar codes to scan medicines and help us ensure that we give the correct dose of each medicine to the right person at the right time. It monitors stock and helps us audit our system. 

The most fun uses of technology in care, however, involve music and activities. We have Alexas in every home so that residents can ask questions, most usually asking for certain music to be played, for example, music from the 1950s. We play games on iPads and also have a pair of Virtual Reality headsets. Here are some photos of the huge iPad that we use to do some fun things - it gets people moving and thinking and we think that it is always good to try new things!