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The Green CARE Badge

The CARE brand has been created to give the adult social care sector the recognition it deserves. The brand will give the sector a unified means of identifying their workforce and services and will help the public recognise social care providers as essential workers. Organisations within the adult social care sector are encouraged to proudly use the CARE brand.

The CARE brand has been developed to be used in the same way as the NHS identity and has been made to look similar to the NHS logo so that it has a clear visual association with the NHS. Much like the NHS brand, the CARE brand will be managed by the Department of Health and Social Care who will ensure that parity will be kept between the two brands to ensure they are unified. If an organisation may use theCARE identity, this does not allow them to use the NHS identity unless they provide NHS services and have separate permission to do so.

The badges are free for anyone working in adult social care to help provide greater recognition of the amazing care and support our profession provides. Our amazing staff team at Kew Care Group, have received their little green badges and will wear them with pride!