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Time to Talk

Thursday 6th February is Time to Talk Day. This is part of the great work done by Time to Change which is a social movement of thousands of people aiming to change the way that we all think and feel about mental health. They want the world to talk about mental health issues openly and to remove the stigma and discrimination that can be associated with it. We support that aim wholeheartedly and we know that happy staff are the key to happy residents and families. Work can be stressful and over 1 in 5 people have called in sick at some time because of workplace stress according to Mind, the mental health charity. Our Managers go on specialist Mental Health in the workplace training and we are rolling out Wellness Action Plans which promote mental well being. These action plans help our whole team to consider what helps keeps their wellbeing healthy at work, what situations can trigger poor mental health or stress at work and what steps we can take to support and help you. It has been really interesting to look at what we all identify as the early warning signs that we are starting to feel stressed and what we can do to help each other.  We all deal with stress differently and with this increased awareness we can recognise the signs of stress more quickly and minimise it's impact.  Thank you to everyone at Kew Care Group for talking and sharing so openly.