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Coronavirus Update: Visiting is open for families and friends with an easy testing protocol. Trips out are also happening, risk assessed on a case by case basis so get in touch for details. We are welcoming new Residents, both private and social services funded - have a look at our virtual tour.

Transition Period for New Admissions

For more details of our transition period for incoming new Residents please call the homes or email us. 

In Summary:

• We never take covid positive Residents from hospital or home.

• We feel that a quick double negative test admission process holds more risk than we are willing to take and that the 7 day Transition Period is vital for the security of both new and existing vulnerable Residents.

• Thorough infection control processes and good PPE supply.

• Transition suite – ground floor bedroom for window and garden visits.

• First swab test 7 days prior to admission, second test 7 days after admission.

• Family member could move into nearby room to assist in transition period (on request)

• During Transition Period, one to one settling in time with staff to build care plan together

• Meals shared with member of our experienced staff team (if desired) in suite.

• Well-being co-ordinator liaison time with Resident and family noting social history

• Cook and kitchen team meetings to develop tailor made meal-time choices

• Hairdresser can visit in the Transition Suite (if desired)

• Laundry, housekeeping meeting opportunities plus maintenance man re pictures to hang etc.

• After second negative swab result, full integration into the care home community.

• Weekly staff and monthly Resident swab testing minimise risk levels